K Tape Pre Gel

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85 ml Tube

K Tape Pre Gel helps keep k tape jobs firmly applied for longer and will also sooth and revitalize sensitive skin.



Kumbrink K Tape Pre Gel is designed to optimally prepare the skin prior to application of kinesiology tape. It helps to sanitize the skin in the area to be taped, That in turn will improve adhesion and keep the tape firmly in place for a longer period.

It helps the tape resist the adverse effects of sports or rigorous activity, sweating, presence of grease, oils and creams on the skin and body hair.

You can think of this gel as doing for k tape what a pre tape spray like Mueller Tuffner Pre Tape spray does for zinc oxide tape.

In addition to improving the adhesion of k tape, this gel helps to sooth sensitive skin. It contains lime, green tea and aloe vera to achieve this soothing and revitalizing effect. K Tape Pre Gel also contains alcohol to help disinfect the skin.

Sold in an 85ml tube.

Application Of K Tape Pre Gel

To apply the gel, follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Rub the area of skin to be treated with k tape;
  2. Allow the skin to dry;
  3. Do not wipe the skin
  4. Apply the k tape.



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