Emergency Blanket

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56 ins x 80 ins


1.5 oz

The emergency blanket is a multi purpose accessory in emergency situations, helping to keep victims of shock warm and reducing the risk of exposure. The aluminized construction helps reflect heat back to the user and also functions as an emergency distress signal. Windproof and waterproof, this highly durable accessory will remain in perfect condition until the unexpected moment when it is needed.

SKU: DM-2134


An emergency blanket is a multipurpose first aid blanket manufactured from aluminized non stretch polyester.

Used for many purposes including:

  • Keeping warm in emergency situations, by reflecting body heat back to the user;
  • Emergency shelter from cold, harmful elements or other life threatening conditions;
  • Also useful as a reflective distress signal as it efficiently reflects light signals;
  • Protecting victims of fire and accidents;
  • Protecting victims suffering from shock after suffering injuries.

The emergency blanket will also stay flexible in freezing weather and allow the user to stay secrely wrapped.

The blanket is highly portable and easily stored in first aid kits, handbags, large pockets or even automobile glove compartments.

It is highly durable, windproof and waterproof. It will not suffer from rot or mildew, even in the most challenging conditions.


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